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About Us

None of us are considered particularly fashionable - we wear mostly T-shirts (M wears hers black and C is just glad to have no food stains on hers), and denims (shorts and skirts, in that order). We don't know much about fashion, but what we do know is comfort, and our products are beyond comfortable.
It all started because we wanted "the kind of bags you would bring on a safari", but we didn't actually want to go on a safari. Since we were not able to find any bags on the market that were both comfortable and affordable (that don't pinch), we spoke to some people who knew bags and they taught us. We then spoke to people who made bags and they said okay. Many conversations and trips later, here we are with our very first collection.
We haven't made many yet since we're just starting out, but we're keeping our fingers crossed and putting ourselves (and our $$) out there. We're pleased to finally be able to share RUGGSAC with you and hope that you will love them just as much as we do!